86fb Football Review: Is It Legit Or Scam? Check Right Now9 min read

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86fb Football Review

What Is 86fb?

86fb is an online gambling company that makes bets on sports events. It also analyzes data and uses statistical techniques to predict results. It offers a variety of services, including betting on soccer matches.

86fb is a platform that gives you money based on your predictions. You can earn money if you get it right. 86fb uses football to predict the outcome of matches and use this to give you money. 86fb is a platform founded by the City Football Group. This company has football clubs, academies and technology companies. 86fb is different from normal sports betting because it predicts the results of matches.

How does 86fb work??

The company, (IFC).. releases 3 predictions daily to it’s members (11am .. 4:30pm And 9pm) & all you have to do, it play those 3 predictions and win!!! It is a safe and simple investment which guarantees a steady daily profit of 3% of your total available deposit.

What If You Lose??

In an unlikelihood the predictions are unfavorable, The Company’s “Capital Preservation Plan” Is then initiated and everyone who staked the predictions will have their Initial staking capital refunded back to their 86FB dashboards!!
This is why we say 86FB carries no risks or possibility of losses of your funds! Your investment is safe!

The business is designed to help you avert any loses!! What this means is that as long as you follow the Match predictions issued by IFC, You are 100% Secured!

There has never been anything like this before.. 86FB is here to change the financial narrative of the Ordinary Nigerian!
So the smartest thing to do is to Register, Fund your account and begin your financial journey Immediately!!

Minimum Deposit: ₦3500
Minimum withdrawal: ₦3500

You are guaranteed to make 3% daily profit of your investment.. meaning the more money you have on your dashboard, the more money you will make daily!

86FB is not just a staking platform.. it’s an investment platform that guarantees daily profits!


  • Open an account
  • Fund it with a minimum Of ₦3500/above
  • Join Official WhatsApp Group where daily Signals are dropped
  • Make 3% profit of your deposit daily.
  • Grow your deposit (Using compound interest) or cashout Everytime you make a profit of ₦3500
  • The more money you have in your dashboard, the more money you make daily

At 86FB… There are no losses… Just wins

Nigerians can request for withdrawal via bank transfer Or USDT payment 24/7
None Nigerian Residents will get paid in USDT 24/7

What this means is that You can also invite ur friends outside Nigeria to join your team!
They can easily deposit and withdraw using USDT!

Place withdrawal and get paid within 10 minutes!!
86FB holds the record for the fastest paying platform online !!
You can request for withdrawal 3 times a day

Referral Commissions

Referral is not mandatory.. You will get paid even if you don’t refer anybody..
(86FB IS NOT AN MLM OR REFERRAL BASED PLATFORM) but has its benefits & they are listed below:

  1. Invite 5 people to register and fund their 86FB with your referral link and the system will reward you with ₦7,000
  2. Invite 20 people and get ₦33,000
  3. Invite 50 people and get ₦80,000
  4. Invite 200 people and get ₦200,000


86FB has a salary payment arrangement for their members!! This is what makes the platform unique

  1. If you have a total of 50 Registered and Funded (Active Members) On your team.. that is 50 members from your 1st, 2nd and 3rd downlines, the company will pay you a monthly salary of ₦20,000 into your bank account
  2. If you have 200 active downlines, you will receive ₦150,000 as monthly Salary
  3. If you have 500 active downlines, you will receive ₦350,000 as monthly Salary
  4. If you have 1000 active downlines, you will recieve ₦1,000,000 as monthly Salary.

Salary is paid on the 15th of every Month

How Games Are Played

86fb Football Review

3 DIFFERENT GAMES AND THEIR TIMES TO BE PLAYED DAILY IN 86FB AND BE EARNING MASSIVELY( ie 3 different games to be played Daily and earn each time u play the game).

  3. THIRD GAME* : 9PM


86fb Manual 101

Accumulated effective transaction is a record of the total amount you have used to book games. It is not not money and so is not withdrawable

Available balance is all the capital plus profit plus bonuses you have

Unsettled amount is the money you used to play a game that has not ended

Total Effective Trade is the total amount you used per day to book games

Total revenue is the total Profit you made per day

Activity income is the bonus you receive for your first and second deposit

Agent rebate is the accumulated amount already received from the % profits of your level 1 – 3 downlines

Accounting statement is total view of the % profit you received from your level 1-3 downlines

Release Record shows which of the profits % of your downlines has reflected in your account (green) and those waiting to reflect (red)

Promotion code is where you’ll find your referral link you’ll use to invite people to register under you

My team is a list of your level 1 downlines (those who used your link), level 2 downlines (those who registered under your level 1), and then level 3 downlines (those that registered under your level 2 downlines)

ALL level 1-3 make up your subordinates

Note The Following About 86FB-IFC INVESTMENTS

  1. 86FB is not gambling but an Investment in football
  2. Your entire CAPITAL is guaranteed by IFC GLOBAL. In any case of loss of game, your capital shall be 100% REFUNDED.
  3. IFC has different PLANS on Social Media. ONLY stick to this PLAN and stake your game according to our plans.
  4. NEVER be greedy to stake games by yourself. PRIVATE STAKING IS HIGHLY PROHIBITED. In any case of loss of game. THERE SHALL NOT BE ANY CAPITAL REFUND TO YOU.
  5. Minimum Deposit to stake any game is N3,500 maximum is 10million.
  6. You make 3% daily if you stake the three games giving to us by the IFC Team.
  7. Ensure that you set your alarm for 11am, 4.30pm and 9pm daily as this is the only TASK you have to do get your 3% daily.
  8. There is a huge benefit for promoting the business and referring people. This is OPTIONAL though. But we are encouraged to refer people so that they too can gain Financial Independence and we too can get Compensated.
  9. You can either deposit in Naira or USDT Trn 20 network. You can also withdraw in USDT OR NAIRA too.
  10. Withdrawals rate is very fast as it takes less than 20mins for your Naira to reflect in your account. While USDT is just about 20-30mins
  11. You have 100% access to your Capital in your wallet any time any day. You can withdraw your funds any day except you have staked with the funds.
  12. There is 5% withdrawal rate on all your withdrawals so you are encouraged to withdraw once a week or once a month.
  13. 12 Compound Interest is highly encouraged as you can even make 120% or more of your capital in a month if you compound daily
  14. 86FB and IFC GLOBAL have offices in Nigeria. They are not faceless. You can visit them and see for yourself.
  15. The office of 86FB in Nigeria is
    REGUS: Mulliner Towers, 39 Alfred Rewane Rd, 101233, Lagos
  16. The office of IFC GLOBAL is:
    No2 adegbeyemi street off Allen avenue Ikeja Lagos.
  17. There is huge Telegram Group where we get trainings daily and updates from
    Our Tutors, Agent and Mentors in the business.
  18. 86FB is well registered in Nigeria.

86fb Rules You Need To Know Before Joining

  1. The result of all football orders is determined according to the rules set by the company. The results announced by other sports websites or other real-time scores are not accepted. Members are kindly requested to pay attention.
  2. The transaction is based on the legal time (the first and second halves must be at least 45 minutes each with injury and stoppage time, excluding home time, twelve-yard tie-breaking, or the result of a new decision by any sports discipline committee). The result of the game is Quasi <ninety minutes will not be counted.> For some teenagers, the regular game time (including stoppage time) ranges from 80 to 70 minutes. If there are no sudden factors such as cuts or weather that cause the game to be less than the regular time, the company will still consider it as a “valid bet”.
  3. For all footballs where the league has indicated where the match will be held, no matter whether the league’s match team is marked as home or away, there is no actual difference between home and away. If the match is not affected by weather or other unexpected factors, all orders will be placed All are regarded as “valid bets”.
  4. For all football matches, if the match is affected by weather or other unexpected factors, such as cut, reserved match… etc., all orders will not be refunded. If it has already been processed within the specified time, the calculation will be based on the original Company announcements are the main focus. In case of special circumstances, the event cannot be completed, and whether all orders are valid, the company will notify the result of the ruling by way of announcement.
  5. If the start time of the match is changed earlier than the betting stop time, all bets after the start of the match will be regarded as “invalid bets”, and the start time will be based on the official announcement. All rules are based on the results of the company’s ruling. In the event of hacker attacks or human factors…other external factors affect the accounting data, the company’s backup data will be the mainstay.
  6. If the company finds that there is water arbitrage or malicious use of plug-in software to damage… etc., and place an order in an abnormal way, the company reserves the right to delete the bet and terminate the member account. Rules for canceling orders: Members can cancel orders by themselves until they are currently trading. They can cancel orders once within three minutes, and they can withdraw orders up to ten times in the same day. If members improperly operate the cancellation function and cause losses, the company will not be responsible.
  7. In case of disputes, the company’s backup data will be the main focus. Once a member uses this website, he shall be deemed to agree to all the provisions of the company.

86fb Football Review: Is it Legit Or Scam?

Thank you for taking the time to read my 86fb football review. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the comments section below.

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