How To Grow Your Network On LinkedIn To Get More Connections8 min read

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How To Grow Your Network On LinkedIn To Get More Connections

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network with over 830 million members worldwide. It has become a powerful tool for job seekers, business owners, and entrepreneurs to connect with potential clients, customers, partners, and employees.

In this post, I share how you can use LinkedIn to grow your network and get more connections so that you can get hired by companies in your industry or find new clients.

12 Tips To Grow Your Network On LinkedIn To Get More Connections

So, how can you expand your professional network on LinkedIn and get more connections? Here are 12 tips:

1. Create A Profile That Makes You Stand Out

The first thing you need to do when creating a profile on LinkedIn is to make sure it stands out from others. Think about what makes you unique and focus on those attributes.

If you don’t make an effort to create a profile that makes you stand out from other people who have similar profiles, then you won’t be able to attract any attention.

Ensure that your LinkedIn profile is complete and accurate. This will help you build credibility and increase your chances of growing your network on LinkedIn.

2. Post Often

Posting regularly is another effective way to grow your network. It’s recommended that you post at least once every day, but you should aim to post multiple times per week.

Posting content on LinkedIn consistently helps you gain exposure and recognition. If you want to get noticed and grow your network on LinkedIn, then you should start posting regularly.

Posting more often will also improve your chances of getting more followers and connections. So, if you want to grow your network on LinkedIn and get connected to influential professionals, then you need to post frequently.

3. Include Images In Your Posts

Adding images to your posts increases engagement and encourages users to comment on your posts, which leads to more likes, and follows, and ultimately, grows your network on LinkedIn.

Images are one of the most effective ways to get people to engage with your content. Research has shown that adding photos to your LinkedIn posts increases views by 11x.

You cannot simply post anyhow images, they need to be relevant to your target audience, otherwise, no one will pay attention to them. So, ensure that you add only high-quality images that are likely to resonate with your audience which in turn will increase engagement and grow your network on LinkedIn.

4. Share Videos That Are Relevant And Engaging

Sharing videos on LinkedIn is another way to get noticed and grow your network on LinkedIn. People love watching videos online, especially on LinkedIn.

People like to watch videos because they are easy to digest, contain engaging content, and provide valuable information. If you want to grow your LinkedIn network and get more connections, then you must incorporate video into your strategy, this will increase your visibility on LinkedIn.

5. Join Relevant Groups

One way to grow your network on LinkedIn is to join groups related to your career field or interests. These groups allow you to meet people who share common experiences and interests.

You’ve probably heard about the power of networking, and groups are no exception. Joining a group could help you connect with professionals in your industry, gain insight into trends, and even land some job leads.

When joining these groups, try not to dominate discussions as this could put off some group members. Instead, ask questions, contribute valuable information, and provide feedback on posts made by other members.

So, ensure that you only participate in groups where you feel comfortable sharing your opinions and thoughts, when you engage with other members, you will get noticed and this will help you grow your network on LinkedIn.

6. Engage With Your Existing Connections

Engaging with your existing connections can be an excellent way to grow your network and get more connections on LinkedIn.

Engaging with current connections puts your profile directly in front of their networks, and all it takes is a “like” or “comment” on their posts for them to notice you.

By engaging with your connections, you can show up in their newsfeeds, introduce yourself, ask about what they are doing, and learn about their interests and passions. You can boost your visibility by doing all of these to grow your network and attract new connections.


7. Use Hashtags Effectively

If you use hashtags correctly, you can easily get noticed on LinkedIn.

Hashtags are keywords used to tag posts on social media platforms. They make it easier for users to find your content, so using them effectively is important if you want to grow your network on LinkedIn.

When you use the right hashtags, you can get found by people who are interested in topics similar to yours. This means that you can get to reach out to people who have similar interests to you and build relationships with them to grow your network on LinkedIn.

8. Use LinkedIn Pulse

LinkedIn Pulse is a great tool to help you grow your network and get connected with relevant professionals.

Pulse allows you to publish articles and share them with others to grow your network on Linkedin, this will help you to increase your visibility, which will lead to more connections.

When you take advantage of LinkedIn Pulse, you can write articles based on your expertise, experience, and knowledge. Then, you can share those articles with people who are looking for advice from experts in your industry, they can follow you if they found your articles helpful, which in turn, helps you to grow your network on LinkedIn.

9. Track Your LinkedIn Analytics

LinkedIn analytics is a great tool to track how well your profile is performing. It also gives you insights into Post views, Search appearances, Impressions, Reactions, comments, shares, Engagement rate, and much more.

You can track LinkedIn analytics either natively or using a third-party LinkedIn Analytics tool, like Hootsuite. And the routes you take depend on your social media marketing plan.

It’s important to track LinkedIn analytics because they provide the metrics you need to quantify your social media marketing efforts and help you achieve your social media goals. If you don’t track your progress, you’re just guessing whether you’re meeting your goals, so, tracking LinkedIn analytics is essential.

This data can help you understand how your effort is paying off, so you can improve your strategy and continue growing your network on LinkedIn.

10. Promote Your LinkedIn Profile URL

Promoting your LinkedIn profile URL is an easy way to drive traffic to your profile, as long as you do it properly.

Promotion is key to growing your network and getting more connections on LinkedIn, so try to promote your profile URL often.

To promote your LinkedIn profile URL, you can post it on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, blogs, forums, and anywhere else where you think it would be useful.

11. Always Be Active

Always being active on LinkedIn is one of the best ways to grow your network and get more connections.

If you aren’t actively posting new content, engaging with other members, answering questions, commenting on discussions, etc., then you won’t be able to grow your network on LinkedIn.

The more you engage with other members, the more likely they are to connect with you, so always be active on LinkedIn, even if it’s just 1 hr a day, just try to make sure that you’re doing something every single day.

12. Set Some Goals

Setting some goals is another effective way to grow your network on LinkedIn. You should set some goals for yourself for you to be able to grow your network and reach out to more people.

Like any plan, if you’re hoping for something specific, then there’s a need for you to have a goal. Look at the goal and make sure that it’s something that you’re capable of achieving. You can aim to get 50+ connections every month as you start out, but if you find that you struggle to meet this goal, then maybe you should consider lowering your expectations.

Set some reasonable goals for yourself and create a plan to achieve them. Whatever your goals may be, setting them will help you stay focused and motivated throughout the process. So, set some goals and stick to them for you to grow your network on Linkedin.


Grow your network on LinkedIn by following these 12 tips. These tips will help you build a strong professional network on LinkedIn and increase your chances of making new connections.

So, what are you waiting for? Start building your network today!

If you have any questions about how to grow your network on LinkedIn or want to share your own experience, please leave a comment below. I’d love to hear from you!

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